A Hypothetical: The Blue Blood Tournament.


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Here on Tobacco Road, early each year, we use to have what we called the Big 4 Tournament (Wake, NC State, UNC, and Duke) Some of the best basketball this region would see all year. It was played on a neutral court in Greensboro NC. The tournament ran for ten years, from it’s beginning in 1971 to it’s end in 1981.  It was a huge draw for the ACC in it’s day.

Most early season tournaments are ok, some are actually pretty good, but most are more boring than anything else. These tournaments carry us all until the regular season starts in earnest when the season actually starts to heat up.

What If We Had A Tournament Solely For The True Blood Bloods Of College Basketball

I know this would be an extremely hard sell to the four schools. Like so many other schools everyone wants their respective schedules tailor made to give their team an advantage, can’t hardly blame them for that. Football has taking over as the main attraction in College sports, so as a true College basketball fan I feel our sport, (basketball) needs a shot in the arm, a boost, to give us all more of what we love. Even football has embraced this idea in principle as talk of a 4 game playoff has been long wanted and is well received.

So for the sports sake, the fans sake, or from the fans perspective, it could be the biggest draw this side of the NCAA Tournament. The interest would be phenomenal,  not only from the four schools fans, but to College basketball fans everywhere.

The games could be played on a neutral court, so as to eliminate a home court advantage as much as possible. The tournament could start on a Friday, pitting the highest ranked of the four teams playing the lowest ranked, and of course the 2nd against the 3rd. Then, give the two winners Saturday off to prepare for a Sunday Championship game. This would allow the teams a day of rest as well as giving each Coach another day to prepare a game plan.

This would not only benefit the four schools and basketball as a whole, but it would be an economic boom for the city that host the tournament with it being stretched out over three days. The Network that contracts to carry it would make money, as would the city and the schools, if it were marketed right. It’s a win win for all involved.

The argument that ended the Big 4 tournament made by Dean Smith, was that someone would begin their season 0-2, thus hurting their chances of a higher ranking, or even a shot at the NCAA Tournament. At that time it was a valid argument but times have changed. A team can start 0-2 or much worse now and still turn their season around enough to win a National Championship.

I’m sure arguments can and will be made as to why this might be a bad idea, and maybe rightfully so, but as a fan, and what could be good for the sport we so dearly love, I can’t think of a single one.

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