College Transfers Out Of Control

As of last Tuesday, a number of college basketball players are transferring, that list now stands at more than 390 and is still growing. This list includes 4 of the 6 players Tony Bennett (UVA) recruited. This list also includes Micheal Gbinije from Duke, and Rodney Hood from Miss St. who Duke is trying to lure to Durham. Other notables include UConn’s Alex Oriakhi who has taken his talents to  Missouri.

Tony Bennett was quoted as saying: “It’s an epidemic, without a doubt,”  “I think players have always been anxious to play, I really do. But when they thought, ‘I don’t know if this is the right place,’ the advice was always ‘Wait your turn. Stay put.’ But the times of waiting and being patient, well, it’s a different time.”

It’s true the NCAA has made it easier for players to transfer sometimes for good reason, such as a player who need’s to be closer to home due to an illness in their family, or a player who wants to transfer due to his school being on suspension from the NCAA tournament. In some cases the NCAA has waived the rule where a player has to sit out a year. But as the list grows it seems many are transferring because of the ‘play me now syndrome’

So why so many transfers? Some point to the culture of how basketball players are raised. “They don’t like their high school situation, they transfer. They aren’t happy with their AAU team, they transfer,” said ESPN senior recruiting analyst Dave Telep. “There’s so many opportunities for them to go to the next best thing that they’re never held accountable, they never fight through any adversity. And what do we expect when they get to college and things get rough? They do exactly what they’ve been taught to do: transfer.

Some Coaches have blocked transfers to certain schools, Bo Ryan of Wisconsin recently denied one of his players from going to 26 different schools, these schools included the entire ACC. while the transfer rate is out of control for various reason, I don’t feel a coach should be able to control where a players decides to transfer so long as it’s for valid reasons. On the other hand, a player shouldn’t transfer just because of playing time, or the lack of.  Put in your work, wait your turn, if you’re good enough you’ll play right away, if not work harder.

It’s clear there’s a problem, with both the Coaches in some cases and with the player’s in some cases, but  one thing is clear, this is not good for College basketball as a whole.

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