A Shot For The History Books

The clock is ticking down, 7 secs 6 secs 5 secs  Austin Rivers dribbles the ball up court, 4 secs 3 secs, sets his feet behind the 3 point line. Seth Curry yelling SHOOT SHOOT! 2 secs 1 sec, Austin lets it fly over the out stretched arms of Tyler Zeller with 0.3 0.2 0.1 secs left.With the shot in the air the clock hits 00.00 The player who dares to wear the number 0, with 00.00 on the clock drains it, as if he was in his own back yard, just like he practiced it a million times before.

After the shot, Twitter was abuzz with the fans, especially Duke fans . The celebration ranged from sheer jubilation by the Duke faithful to a gut wrenching heartbreak for the UNC fans. It was a night to remember, or a night to forget, depending on which shade of blue you wear.

That was only round 1, the ensuing rematch is scheduled for Saturday March 3rd in  the friendlier confines of Cameron Indoor Stadium. Make no mistake about it, it will be a war. After all, history lie’s in the balance. memories will be shaped, children’s future alliances will be formed, Why? Because this is life on Tobacco Road.

As in all rivalry’s it opens the door for bragging rights, they belong to the Duke fans this time. So start the music, Que the band, and let the jokes begin,  roll out the photo shop pictures while we revel in our win, because no ones better at it than us, Duke or UNC, here on Tobacco Road.

Special Thanks to @LisaMarieinNC  for a few of my favorite picks.                                                                                 Tags Zeller Duke UNC


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2 thoughts on “A Shot For The History Books

  1. What a shot and what a game!

    When Rivers was dribbling, I thought, “no way he’s going to shoot.” Then, when he shot it, I though that there was no way it would fall, so when it went it, I was stunned. Great job by Duke rebounding from a tough loss to Miami.

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